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Remote Desktop Support & Computer Tuition from the comfort of your home

Many of the call-outs can be remedied over the phone or via remote desktop support. Our technicians can connect to your computer to diagnose and repair issues without visiting your home or office. If you require support contact Domain Web Technologies for a free quotation today by calling 01262 262126 or 07732087599 or via our online contact form.

How can I tell my desktop and/or laptop computer issue can be fixed over the internet?

So that we can connect to your computer system without scheduling a home visit we require you to have the minimum of the following:

  • A computer that boots into an operating system - Windows, Linux or Mac OSx
  • A stable internet connection to the internet
  • Access to an internet web-browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc)

Please note: If you require data recovery of lost/deleted files we will not be able to carry this out via remote support, this is due to our strict data privacy policy and data recovery techniques. Domain Web Technologies can check recommend a cost-effective solution, for a free quotation call 01262 262126 or 07732087599 or via our online contact form.

What issues can you resolve when connecting remotely to my PC?

We can use a remote desktop connection to resolve a number of issues that we have listed below.

Issues with Email or other online accounts

If you have recently have trouble accessing your (hotmail, live, aol, yahoo, btinternet or gmail) email accounts then we may be able to help, If you have forgotten your password or your account has recently been blocked due to misuse we may be able to both re-enable your account and also strengthen the security of your account.

Anti-Virus software is out-of-date or has expired

If you have used a 30 days trial of Mcafee, AVG, Avast, Norton, Bullguard software, you will be required to purchase a licence, we offer a range of products that can match the security benefits of these paid solutions and will be happy to discuss them, we will connect to your computer, diagnose any faults, remove any expired anti-virus software and re-install a version that you are happy with.

Cannot open Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access or Powerpoint

With many new computers a trial version of microsoft office is installed for a limited number of days, after this trial period you are required to purchase the software. Many people do not realise that there are a few competitive solutions that can perform the same tasks as Microsoft Office (word processing, spreadsheets, slide-show presentations) and also for free versus a price tag of around £100 or higher for Microsoft Office. We would be happy to first discuss your requirements over the phone and then suggest a product that will best suit these requirements rather than using pushy sales tactics to pursuade you to install a product that provides us with the highest commision.

I cannot play videos on YouTube/Vimeo/Vevo/Facebook etc

Using online video sharing websites are a great way to consume information (and also have a chuckle!) though we are finding an increasing number of websites require the player software to be updated. Following a phone call or email we can advise and install a solution that will help, this could be Adobe Flash Player or Video Lan Client.

I cannot view a file attachment

Some files that are shared via email may not be viewable on all computers, certain file types such as doc, xls, docx, xlsx, pdf, zip, rar, 7z require additional software that is not always installed with a new computer. By speaking to us direct we will advise which solution we can install.

I keep seeing pop-ups on my computer when visiting websites

We are seeing an influx of browser-related issues relating to adverts popping up on a users computer, search engines being redirected to websites that display adverts that may be inappropriate to younger audiences and also distributing malware and other harmful software that could infect your computer. With just one remote desktop visit we can remove these annoying and unwanted adverts and ensure you have sufficent protection so that the cannot return.

If any of the above are of interest contact Domain Web Technologies for a free quotation by calling 01262 262126 or 07732087599 or via our online contact form.

I want to learn how to protect details and accounts online

We provide an online tuition service that can enable you to get the most out of your online experience, this includes (but is not limited to) When a company provides free software they usually include additional software such as browsers, toolbars, anti-virus scanners or similar software that can usually interfere with your original configuration. By simply being taught what to look out for on an installation screen you can usually detect and prevent the installation of additional software, to discuss your options call on 01262 262126 or 07732087599 or contact us via our online contact form.

Things to consider

You do not need to be a scientist to use a computer and cannot be expected to learn everything but with some guidance in the right direction you can reduce the stress of using a computer to enjoy your online experience. If you are in doubt contact Dom@in for more information via telephone on 01262 262126 or via email at

This sounds great but how much does it cost?

A single remote desktop visit can cost as little as £10, we always try to ensure we are upfront with our pricing so that you do not recieve an unpleasantly high bill at the end, if we are doubtful that the remote desktop visit cannot resolve your issue we will let you know and advise on the cost of the on-site visit. To discuss any further queries you may have contact Domain Web Technologies for a free quotation by calling 01262 262126 or 07732087599 or via our online contact form.

If you require further assistance you can contact Dom@in for more information via telephone on 01262 262126 or via email at