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Geographical Telephone Numbers

Many companies either starting up from home or already established may require a second telephone number for their business needs, this can usually be a costly option if you decide to use a fixed line service. Thankfully companies like Dom@in can provide a cost-effective solution that offers far more benefits than just a second fixed line service. If you require support contact Domain Web Technologies for a free quotation today by calling 01262 262126 or 07732087599 or via our online contact form.

Why would I need another geographical number?

Imagine you are working from home and you do not want to tie up your existing line with work calls, or you already have one business utilising the current telephone number, maybe you want a second number that is geographic to a different town or city? (e.g. Bridlington 01262 and Hull 01482). Or you are in the process of moving to another town or city and want to get a location specific number in advance. Then a second or multiple numbers is a great idea, you can help your customers (or potential ones) contact you on a telephone number that is either free with inclusive minutes or a lot cheaper than non-geographical numbers (0845, 0843, 0870). If you use a mobile phone, some people are less likely to call you.

But 0800 numbers are free?

Yes, 0800 numbers are free to call from a landline or from a mobile operator that allows this (GiffGaff) or via services such as 0800buster, but the owner of the 0800 number (i.e. You) foots the bill for each connection. Many people these days use mobile phones and calling a geographical number usually works out cheaper than calling an 0800 or any other non-geographical number.

But doesn't another line cost over £100 plus monthly line rental?

Yes it can cost a lot of money, if you use a fixed line service. But why do you need another line? are you going to have another broadband service too? probably not. What we are suggesting is a second number (or multiple) that can be accessible on a second phone (anywhere in the world), your mobile etc. Depending on the service you require the initial cost can be just £35 setup with no monthly fee.

Are there any further benefits of this service?

Pick up your landline number now and dial 1571 (if you have it) do you have any voicemails? With a second number from Dom@in you can have your voicemails emailed to you when somebody leaves one, you personalise your greeting and you also get the telephone number of the caller if they forget to add this to their message. Say you close your business at 5pm (17:00) you can set the telephone service to send your calls straight to voicemail so the phone doesnt ring when you're having a family meal or just relaxing after a hard day at work.

Say you move locations to another town or city, how can your past clients keep in touch? why not take your number with you? You can with a second number with Dom@in.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with Dom@in telephone 01262 262126 or email